Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 9 - Signs of Jake!

The last 24 hrs have been very encouraging! Jake has really started to perk up and return to his old self.  He is following me around more and has wanted to play on a few occasions.  He is also paying more attention to the sounds in the building and running to the mirror any time he hears the next door neighbors ankle biter bark (I still can't convince him that the dog he hears is NOT in the mirror).  I can tell he isn't at full strength, but given what his body is going through and the fact that he was on restrictive exercise the month leading up to this treatment I don't think I should expect him to be in mid-season form.  He has had a few minor coughs here and there, they sound like he is trying to hack something up.  As of yet these have been a most once or twice a day.  From what I have read the next week is when many dogs exhibit problems.  The worms are now pretty much all dead and now his body is slowly dissolving them.  As this happens he should start to feel better and better and hopefully start to put back on the weight he has lost.

The last two images I shot of the PX600 UV+ pack both had a darker strip on the right side of the image, like something went wrong with the spreading of the chemicals from that side of the film.  You can see it in the image below, though this image it is not nearly as visible as the first try.  This is only the second full pack I have shot of the UV+ film and this is the first time I have seen this issue.  I hope it's not the normal because loosing and average of 1 image per pack would not be cool.  With this series I am shooting I have been working indoors under basically ideal temperature conditions, so basically this is giving you an idea of how good the films are.  I don't know yet if these results are repeatable outside under various weather conditions.

"Cool Socks"
SX-70 Sonar, Impossible PX600 UV+
One half tick darker than neutral on the light/dark wheel
Dev 4 min in hot/cold clip

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