Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 11 - the routine continues...

Another day down and Jake is still doing great.  I am increasingly hopeful this whole ordeal will end up being one without any set backs.  Jake has really settled into the routine of taking it easy.  He wakes me up in the morning, he is pretty excited to go out and then have breakfast.  Then he immediately takes his spot on the couch and sleeps while I connect my work computer and proceed to start work.  That lasts until around 4:30 PM when it's time for another walk and dinner.  Then he he goes right back to sleep after getting some extra ear scratches from me.  It's like he understands that he needs to take it easy, that or he's just lazy :)

I am going a bit stir crazy spending so much time in my place.  Today after work I will do my spring cleaning, some laundry and fix a friends bike.  Fun fun!  The worst part is the weather is starting to shift more towards spring and Jake and I are stuck indoors, gross!  The sacrifices we make for our animals...

Shooting the instant images each day has at least kept me occupied, though it is getting a bit hard to think of new images to shoot each day, I mean how many different images of a sleeping dog can you take?  Though when I step back and think about what these images are supposed to convey I guess they are doing the job.  I just wanted a record of what life was like going through this.  So if the images have the feel of the same thing happening every day, well that is exactly what has been happening.  Jake's days are filled with sleeping, and mine are filled with keeping an eye on him watching for any signs that something is going wrong.  That's what we have done the first 11 days and that's what the next 19 will be like as well.  If all goes well no issues will come up and Jake will be given the green light to start light excercise again on March 24th.

"Another Day..."
Polaroid SX-70 Sonar, Impossible PX600 UV+ w/ND filter
Developed 4 min in hot/cold clip

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