Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 10 - A third of the way there!

Nothing but good news, Jake is doing great.  He is basically back to normal.  I am feeling much better about everything.  Jake continues to be great about staying calm and taking it easy.  I think he is taking his cues from me.  He is starting to whine to go outside more so I am guessing over the next week it is going to get worse and I am going to have spend more time diverting his energy with games and activities to distract him.  That's what frozen peanut butter kongs are for, right?

Personally, staying indoors with him 24 hrs a day is starting to make me a little stir crazy.  I am actually looking forward to going to work on Monday (Jake will have my father watching him for the day).

I went through a pack of the PX600 batch 7/10 yesterday playing with developing temps.  I found that by keeping the film below 59 deg F for the first 4 minutes of development then allowing the film to continue to develop at room temperature consistently give the least amount of sepia/red tones.  The catch is that some of the deeper blacks take on a bit of a blotchy green hue.  I tried that method with the PX600 UV+ and discovered similar results, minus the green hues.  I have noticed that with the UV+ all of the images I have developed below 59 deg F there are these "water mark" looking rings and a bunch of little marks on the film.  I am not sure yet if this is a result of the cold or if this film just randomly has these imperfections.  I'll keep playing with this and see how consistent it is.

"Ear Rest"
SX-70 Sonar, Impossible PX600 UV+ w/ ND filter
Developed in hot/cold clip 4 minutes below 59 deg F

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