Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 18

The crazies have officially taken over my sweet calm dog, please send help!  Jake is driving me nuts.  It's hard to be too mad because it is so good to see him feeling well.  But it is getting harder to get work done at home with him as he is constantly whinning to go outside and play, then there is the pacing from one window to the next.  Twelve more days and I can start taking him on walks again!  We have also started talking with the Vet to plan his cherry eye surgery and do his final round of de-worming. 

I have to give a shout out to the Lab-Rescue organization for making the process of adopting a sick dog so easy.  They have a policy of covering all expenses for aligments that are identified while the dogs are fostered with them. They agreed up front to cover Jake's heartworm and cherry eye treatments and have followed through coordinating with the Vet so I don't see a single bill.  It really makes taking home a pet that really needs you all the more easy.  If you live in the Northern VA area I highly recomend this group.  There is a bit of a process you have to go through to get approved to adopt, but it really is focused on pairing you with the right dog.  Other groups tend to be on high horses trying to allow only the "perfect" (based on their critera) people adopt, Lab-Rescue seems to get that pairing the right dog fit for the home environemt is the key.  I think this is a good approach.  I live in a small condo (450 ft^2), I work, and I'm single.  I also cared for a lab basically from birth until his death last year at 13 years old, and rescued a cat who lived with me for 7 years before his sudden and unexplained passing last year as well.  Lab-Rescue took all this into account and listened to my requirements and paired me with an excellent dog in Jake!

Here is a link if you are looking for a new pup: Lab-Rescue

"I get so excited I loose my head at dinner time!"
Polaroid SX-70 w/ timer, Impossible PX600 batch 7/10 

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