Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 23

Entering into the last week Jake continues to do great!  So onto some first thoughts on Impossible's PX70 PUSH film.

Starting with yesterdays shot you can see that the colors are much better than the blue cast that was typical of the PX70 First Flush films.  That said the film still has trouble with the red side of the spectrum.  The top right tile (still looking at yesterday's image) is actually a deep red and the bottom right tile is a bright orange yet they look almost the same color on film.  If you look at the bit of white baseboard in the image you will see a magenta hue to it also.  So the colors are nice but not accurate.  That isn't really a complaint, just the way it is.  Some of the old Polaroid films like the Artistic film didn't have accurate color rendition either.  This doesn't bother me that much.  The image was taken with out a filter and developed 2 minutes in the cold clip (see yesterday's post for details) at the sunny temperature range using body heat to keep the clip warm.  The light source was indoor tungsten lights.

Today's image was shot using a green filter mounted like shown here.  The light source was window light.  Again the light/dark wheel was pushed to max light.  Jake's collar and the carpet tile under duck and goose are both bright red and again you can see that they are not rendering correctly.  Body heat and the cold clip were once again used to keep the film warm for the first two minutes of development.

The nice thing about this film as apposed to the PX600 films is that I should easily be able to use it during the hot summer months here!  And it isn't terribly hard to develop it in the cooler months by using the cold clip and body heat.  I also tried a few other heat methods like using hot water and the microwave and the oven.  None produced desirable results.  And none are very portable so I really didn't experiment too much since the combination of the cold clip and body heat does pretty good.

Just to add a bit more data, I did note that many of the images from all of the PX films I have been using for this project have had the occasional developer leak from the film.  Just little bits here and there randomly.  Nothing like the First Flush films delamination problem, and not much different from my experience with old Polaroid stock.  Just keep an eye out and clean your rollers with a bit of water and a q-tip when it happens and you'll be fine.  Tomorrow I'll take a first look at the latest PX100 Silver Shade film, thus completing the a look at the complete offerings of Impossible.

"Don't you want to play with us?"
Polaroid SX-70 Sonar, Impossible PX70 PUSH

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