Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 20

I forgot to post this yesterday, so here is the day 20 image.  Jake continues to do well and is feeling better each day.  He is also continuing to whine about wanting to go outside and play.

He was reunited with Duck yesterday thanks to duck surgeon Spring and he is very happy about that!  He still loves Goose (pictured below) but it's just not the same.  All yesterday he carried duck around everywhere he went.

I think it's safe to say that Jake will make it through the rest period with no real set backs.  Other than the burden I put on myself to make sure there has been someone with him at all times just in case he needed to be rushed to the vet (mostly me, but also my Sister and Father when needed) this whole process has been pretty painless.  Most of the anxiety came from the unknown leading up to the final treatment and those first few weeks when he was clearly not feeling too well.  I can't really complain because I know that not everyone is lucky.  Knock on wood the 24th will come with no set backs and both Jake and I can start working on our fitness!

"Ghost Jake"
 SX-70 Sonar, Impossible PX600 UV+

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