Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 24 - PX100 Silver Shade

Jake and I continue to count the days until next Thursday when we get out freedom back!!

So far during this photography project I have used the two types of PX600 films and had a first look at a pack of the color PX70 PUSH film.  Now I have shot a pack of the PX100 Silver Shade film.  The image below was created with this film.  It was shot with evening window light and the light/dark wheel was at max dark.  Not too shabby right?  Some lovely chocolate tones.  What you don't see is the hundreds of tiny white specs that I cloned out in Photoshop.  I found that every shot in the pack had these specs that basically looked like a tin dot where developer didn't work.  I spent a half an hour spotting out the specs so if you are going to make prints or show your images on-line it isn't terribly hard to clean up, even if it is a bit of a pain.  I'll post another image from this pack tomorrow showing you an image using morning window light.  I point this out because the cooler morning light created an image a bit more contrast with less of the yellowish tones and much more of a dark chocolate tone.  I also played around with the light dark wheel.  I found set at neutral you get a blown out image. While setting the wheel half way between neutral and max dark looked much the same as max dark.  So my first pack leads me to believe that the PX100 film is not as easy to control with the light/dark wheel like the PX600 films are.  As for developing I kept using the cold clip and the temperature I found to be best was the snowman sticker visible.  I tried using body heat and ended up with an very dark low contrast image that was terrible.  It will take a few more packs before I will be able to tell if these first thoughts bare out or if this film is like the first flush films and just unpredictable from pack to pack.

"I am SO BORED!!!!"
Polaroid SX-70 Sonar, Impossible PX100 Silver Shade (SS)

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