Friday, February 4, 2011

TOYCAM Best of 2010!

This week will be a short and sweet post.  First in case you hadn't heard the news Holga Inspire selected TOYCAM as one of it's 4 best toy camera photography book for 2010!  I think I speak for the whole book team when I say we are happy that the book has been so warmly received!

TOYCAM Best of 2010

Moving on, below find another image from my recent trip to San Fransisco.  Taken with my trusty Holga.  You really can't beat the Holga for an easy camera to carry around while on travel.  This image just goes to show you that with ISO 400 film you will have pretty good range of light levels you can shoot in.  Normally I load Ilford's HP5 into my trust Holgamods Holga with 2 apertures and I carry a 2 stop ND filter giving me 4 stops of shooting capability.  Here I shot wide open with no filter and you can see that I got some pretty good detail in the low light of the cafe.  With a bit of dodging and burning I was able to bring down the outside details and create some nice tones for this type of lighting.

 "Coffee Break"
Holga, Ilford HP5

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