Tuesday, February 22, 2011

An empty house again...

Well Jake is at the vet today starting his heartworm treatment.  He will be there for 3 days, then he comes home and has to be rested and prevented from exercising for 30 days while he recovers and his body slowly dissolves the dead worms.  It was almost a year between the day Tucker (my last dog, a chocolate lab) passed away and the day Jake came home with me.  It was a huge adjustment to coming home every day and not being greeted by a wagging tail.  Now after only a month I can't imagine not having Jake here.  It is only for a few days, but heartworms are serious and there is the very small chance Jake won't survive the treatment so that help makes this time apart a bit harder.

During the next month Jake will need to be monitored 24hrs a day on the off chance that complications arise.  I am so lucky that I have been able to arrange to work from home for most of that time.  My Father has also volunteered to stay with Jake on those few days that I need to go into work and I am sure I will be calling on my sister to puppy sit while I run errands.

I have decided to try and take at least one photograph each day to document this difficult time.  If I manage to stick to this I will post the results here.  I will use the new Impossible project films and use this time to test out the films and really see how the work.

This first image was taken with my Polaroid SX-70 Sonar, the film was Impossible PX-600 Silver shade (the second batch without the exploding chemical problem).  The light/dark wheel was set all the way to max dark.  The darkslide was taped over the ejection point to prevent the film from being exposed to light and then the film was placed in this hot/cold clip heated to the correct temperature range as indicated by the temperature sensitive indicators for approximately 4 minutes.  As you can see the film does well.  This was the first time I used the hot/cold clip for developing and it would seem that the film is much more evenly developed than sticking it in my pocket or warming it between my hands.  None of the splotches and white areas that are typical with this film can be seen.  Maybe I was just lucky, or maybe the pressure and even temperature of the clip helps.

"An Empty crate..."
SX-70 Sonar, Impossible PX-600 (batch 7/10)


  1. sending positive thoughts to you and your pup. I love the pic a day idea, I've been wanting to do that w/ our new family addition but wasn't able to keep up with the commitment.

  2. Jake will be home safe with you in no time. He is so lucky to have found a dad who cares so much for him!