Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 5

Jake has been pretty lazy and sleepy these first few days.  I was told to expect that, plus Jake has been pretty laid back since I got him.  That said you are instructed to look for excessive coughing and lethargy as signs something may be wrong.  Some coughing is to be expected as the worms dissolve from the heart and lungs and phlegm is coughed up.  So far no coughing!  But I was getting a bit worried that Jake was being a bit too lazy, until last night around 1am and he decided that it was play time.  So I had to crate him for a bit until he settled down, and then I let him out and he climbed into bed and feel fast asleep.

I have also noticed that he has been drinking way more water than normal, but other than that so far things have been gone great. I sure hope that is the case for the rest of the month.

Moving onto to the Impossible films.  The first few images I shot were using the PX600 batch 7/10 (the batch number is on the side of the box).  I found that batch to be very stable and predictable.  Yesterday and today's images were created with batch 6/10.  They are much more yellow and sensitive to temperature and exposure.  Where the 7/10 film responds well to adjustments of the light/dark well, I am finding the 6/10 film to be less predictable.  I have also had some weird developing effects with the 6/10 batch.  One image had the right third of the image with a dark yellowish stripe covering it.  I find with the 6/10 batch the light/dark wheel needs to be on max dark.  I also find that when using the hot/cold clip for developing the 6/10 batches responds better to the coldest indicator rather than the middle ("perfect") temperature which creates a more red and muddy tone.  The 7/10 batch responds well to both the cold and middle temperature indicator, but does get a slight reddish tint the warmer the developing temp.

"Naps on the couch are the best!"
SX-70 Sonar, PX600 (batch 6/10)
Exposure=max dark
Developed in hot/cold clip 4 minutes (cold)

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