Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 6

Another good day, Jake has perked up but still seems to be happy to lounge around the condo as long as I am here to keep him company.  I am not complaining and I sure hope that the entire month goes as easily as these first few days have.

As for the impossible film, today's image was shot with the latest PX600 UV+.  This film is the most stable so far of the 600 films and it also has the most B&W tones of the bunch.  You can still get a bit of a sepia tone when  it is developed in to much heat.  I have been using the Impossible hot/cold clip to develop the film and using coolest indicator on the clip.  If you haven't seen the clip it has three temperature sensitive stickers on it the become visible depending on the temperature range.  There is a snowman, heart, and sun symbol.  The snowman is for between 59 and 63 deg F, Heart for 74 to 77 deg F, and sun for between 86 and 90 deg F.  I like to keep the temps for UV+ on the snowman.  PX600 SS batch 7/10 and 6/10 do well also on the snowman or with the snowman and a faint heart.

"Lounging on the couch with Dad"
SX-70 Sonar, Impossible PX600 UV+
Halfway between neutral and all dark on light/dark wheel
4 min dev in hot/cold clip

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