Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Toy Camera Book!

Back in April of 2009 I made the mistake of suggestion on that it was time to start making a second toy camera book. Then I got the brilliant idea to go ahead and lead that project. Since April a small group of volunteers has worked on outlining the project and pushing it forward. We decided on a format that was a bit broader than the first book created by a small group of toy camera enthusiast’s years before. That first book was very simple in its format, one image per page and a foreword. Our book we decided was going to have a series of themed galleries and a few spot light interviews with selected photographers. To date we have completed "calls for entries" for 5 themes; People/portraits, Scapes, Your Home Town, Still Life, and Motion. We have completed 2 interviews and have 3 more in works. Our last call for entries for the theme Flora/Fauna ends near the end of February (so get your entries in!).

We have a website with details on the current call as well as images of submitted work for the completed themes. Check it out for details about the project and how to submit your work.

Our goal is to complete this book by June of this year. It will be published using the online publisher Blurb and will be sold at cost , this was never about making a profit, it is all about putting a book together that highlights some of the excellent photographers using toy cameras today. I hope everyone ends up being happy with the results :)

For those of you that follow this Blog please help us get the word out and put links to this on your blogs and encourage all of your friends to do so as well.

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