Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Skate or Die 2!

As promised here are some more images of the skaters at city Hall. All in all I was pretty happy to get 6 fairly interesting images out of 18 shots with the Holga. It is a bit difficult to adjust focus on the fly and by feel with this camera. Though I think the slight off focus doesn't hurt these images, and actually I am pretty happy with the focusing I did. I wish I had thought to shoot in the opposite direction straight into the sun as I am thinking I could have made some fun images with some sun flair. Plus putting the sun in the background would give me essentially a blank background which would have been a nice change of pace. That said the flag on city hall in the background just works if you ask me.

All images shot w/ Holga w/4x ND filter
Holgamods Holga with waist level veiwfinder
Ilford HP5