Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Red Razzle was finally let out!

So in case you have no idea what the Red Razzle is, it is a Polaroid 110b camera converted to accept 4x5 film.  The really awesome thing of this camera is that it has a functioning range finder and coupled with it's 1/300 shutter speed allows you to hand hold and shoot which is pretty much unheard of for large format cameras.  It is also relatively compact and light making it easy to put in your bag and use while walking around town. Don't get me wrong it's no compact camera, but in comparison to other large format cameras it is down right portable.

I have had the camera for quite some time, but as usual I took a few months to actually load it up and take it out.  So here are a few images from Old Town Alexandria, where I live, to give you an idea of what the camera can do.  I think this camera will see regular rotation in my camera bag!

"Door at 714"
Polaroid 110b Conversion (Red Razzle), HP5

"Alexandria Alley"
Polaroid 110b Conversion (Red Razzle), HP5

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