Saturday, June 11, 2011

Breakfast with my Sis!

So since I am still working, slowly, through images from last year and the few new rolls I have shot so far this year here is a quick Polaroid from today.  One of the nice things about being considered a photographer by all your family and friends is that they at least tolerate you pulling out the crazy vintage contraptions otherwise known as cameras.  One of my goals this year is to try and photograph my everyday life a bit more.  To often I go through the day with a camera in my bag (you know just in case) and end the day with nothing.  I tell myself that I passed nothing or saw nothing of great enough interest to inspire me to pull out the camera.  Now I am thinking I need to work more to just find the images in the ordinary.  Even look for the ordinary and shoot it.

All that said, my awesome sister is anything but ordinary!  So maybe next week I'll post something blah :)

Sis it was a blast seeing you!  I'll try and make it out your way soon.

"Breakfast at Perk Up!"
Polaroid 180, ID-UV

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