Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rebel Riders

So this year has turned out to be a bit of a break from photography for me.  Actually this year has been a pretty rough one thus far.  The loss of a great friend to a series of misunderstandings that we just could find our way past set the tone.  Watching many of my friends struggle through this difficult economy.  The loss of a dream I didn't even know I was holding onto.  And other crap not even worth mentioning.  I seem to be the opposite of many of my artist friends, they often find solace in their art and turn to it when they are depressed.  Me I turn away from my cameras, I get to a point where the mere thought of taking pictures and developing the film and edit the images becomes and insurmountable task.  On the plus side I often turn to exercise, which means that I tend to me the most in shape when I'm depressed.

This year I managed to work through all this crap on my bike and was determined to find a new group of friends to ride with so that I'd have a reason to continue even after I worked my way through my funk.  Thus the Rebel Riders were born via my discussions with my good friend Lindsay.  We wanted a bike club that wasn't focused solely on riding fast and expensive equipment.  Lindsay decided that we should combine riding with her focus on supporting cancer research, thus the Rebel Riders are also about service and raising awareness and support for cancer research.  We weren't done yet, as any good college student knows one of the best cures for what ales you is a pint with friends.  So the Rebel riders are also focused on fun happy rides with a focus on exploring the many great bars in and around the DC area.

Since Lindsay and I are both photogs we now have the idea idea that we need to start documenting our HH outings.  Here are the first two images.  These were taken on a recent visit to Start & Shamrock, a Jewish/Irish bar on H St. in NE DC.

Star & Shamrock
Polaroid 680, Impossible 680 Beta 

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