Friday, November 18, 2011

Delores Park Pano

Since all my friends are lame and don't want to go out tonight I decided to work on some of the images I haven't gotten to.  Here is another one from Delores Park in San Fransisco.  I found myself spending a lot of time there just people watching and enjoying the weather during my visit.  I wish there was something similar where I live,  While there are tons of parks and during the summer they can be packed with people, they are always full of people with a purpose.  They are there to picnic, or for family gathering, or to participate in organized rec sports.  Whatever, they are there for a reason and focus on that.  Delores Park is different, people just go to be, to hang out.  They come from all walks of life and just co-exsist.  I enjoyed just observing, maybe that's the photographer in me, or maybe that is why I picked up the camera in the first place.  I just love people watching.

"Park Beers!"

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