Thursday, December 17, 2009

My name is Andrew Phillips and I finally decided it was time to start a photo blog for GreenStPhotography. GreenSt is the name of my "photography business", I put that in quotes mainly because while I do occasionally get paid to use my cameras I still don't actually make any money at it. At this stage in my life it is just a very serious hobby, I have a real job that pays well and allows me to persue my love of photography. This blog is one of many ways I am attempting to get my name (actually GreenSt's name) known so that if I ever do decide to turn my life upside down and see if I can be quarter back some day...(sorry, Strongbad reference) I mean try photography as a primary income source, well you get the idea.

To that end I figure that I can share love of photography and pass on any lessons learned and hopefully find new photographers to interact with and learn from.

As for where I fall in the cliques of the photography world, I am primarily a film photographer. My cameras tend to be "vintage" manual film cameras. Some examples of my current cameras are Hasselbald C500, Nikon FM2N, Graflex SpeedGraphic 4x5. I also shoot with toy cameras, actually the only camera you will always find in my bag is a Holga. For those that don't know the Holga is an all plastic medium format camera that is made in China. When I say all plastic I mean that even the lens is plastic. Is is cheaply made and cost about $25, can't really beat that price for a medium format camera! I have also recently been getting into Polaroids, yeah I know I am late to the game and Polaroid is no longer making instant film. Well I have a fridge full of film found on ebay and Fuji still makes some peel apart film, and the impossible project is getting ready to release its first integral films, so I should be good to go :).

So my primary job is Aerospace Engineer for the US Gov. I also teach intro to photography classes at The Art League in Old Town Alexandria in Virginia.

Ok, enough about me for now, on to the photography! Below is an image I created from the second roll of film I ever put through my Holga, it's called "National Cathedral 1-9". What you see is a digital representation of how I display the image, nine images with a small white border mounted on a black background. The reason I have the small white border on the nine images is I feel it allows the viewer to step back and view the image as a whole or to step closer and view each image individually.

"National Cathedral 1-9", Holga, Ilford HP5
copy right GreenStPhotography


  1. Hey Andrew! Welcome to the blogging world :) That image compilation is amazing!!

  2. Thanks Jen! It's one of my fav's, though it is definately one of those images that works better in printed than it does displayed digitally.

  3. I'd seen this picture before at it's brilliant ! Welcome to blogger...

  4. Thaks Sapata! yeah it's an old image, but I pretty much consider this one of my signature images so anytime I can I put it out there. I will definately work in new images to this blog as I shoot them. And since I just started this I will post some oldies but goodies and maybe a few images from the past that I haven't published before.