Saturday, December 19, 2009

Build your own Holgaroid and Holy Crap that's alot of SNOW!!

I'll start by giving you a look at a camera I just finished building. I'd like to tell you that I do this allot, but this is my first time. I'd also love to tell you this was all my idea but nope I just copied it from someone much smarter than me, check it out. About the only difference between his build and mine is I used black on black foam board for the adapter plate. For the Polaroid back I used a non working Polaroid 250 that I purchased from eBay. It wasn't advertised as broken, but for $15 it sure wasn't worth it try and get my money back.

Ready for paint!
Iphone, Helga style from Camera Bag App.

Racing Stripe!

Iphone, Helga style from Camera Bag App.

I used rubberized paint mean't for the undercarriage of cars. The paint does dry nice and hard, just make sure to give it a few days to dry then give it a light wash with a damp cloth. There is a sandy feel to the paint that the wash seems to get rid of. So here is the result. You do end up using a bit more of the image area than the manufactured Polaroid back for the Holga, but it still doesn't use the whole area. The result of this is you basically get a circular image. All in all I think it was worth the effort. I'll probably just do what I do with the manufactured Holgaroid images, crop them to make them look like square format Polaroids. I know many photogs don't like to use Photoshop in this way, but if it helps the final image I'm all for it.

Batman on Red
Home made Holgaroid w/ hand held flash
Fuji FP-100C

For those of you that have an iphone I recommend you get the Camera Bag App, it has a bunch of different "styles" that you can convert your images too. My favs are the Helga (which mimics the Holga) and magazine. I'll post a bunch in a future blog.

Finally it has been snowing all night and day here in Washington DC. As of a few hours ago I measured the accumulation at 18 inches and it is still coming down out there. This basically means that the area is shut down for days now. We just don't get storms like these very often and do not have the equipment to get the roads cleared in a timely manner. In a few days the sides of the roads will be littered with SUV's that spun out of control. The nice thing about this is that they act like railings and show you where the road is :) I spent much of the day shooting with my Holga's, I will develop the film later and will post if I like anything. I did take out the Digital (Canon 20D, as well as my Polaroid 180). Here is an image from the Polaroid.

Snow Angel
Polaroid 180, Sepia

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