Friday, February 3, 2012

Above the tree line

Ok so yes I still have more images to edit and show from my trip to San Fransisco, but I have also started working on some of the images from the end of that trip where I sent a few days with good friends in Boulder, CO.  So here is the first.  This was taken on little tour my friend Brian took me on of the local parks.  We started the day by packing lunch and cameras and heading into the mountains.  This image was actually taken towards the end of our day.  We had driven up past the tree line and got out to hike a bit and take some pictures.  It was actually pretty cold so the hiking got cut short since we hadn't really planned for this weather.

And yes this is in color which is very rare for me, but I think you will agree it works much better in color than it would in B&W.

"Above the Tree Line"

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