Friday, January 27, 2012

Bikes and Beers!

More from my "series" taken in Delores park during my visit to San Fransisco.  I am sure it is becoming obvious that I fell in love with this park.  If I lived there I would most likely spend most of my free time there.  As a photographer and avid people watcher this place is a gold mine for "street" style photography.  It's strange because I live in a great city (DC), yet there is no place I can go and find such a diverse street life.  In New York and San Fransisco you never know what you are going to find around the next corner but at the same time I never go a day without plenty of subjects and photo ops.  DC has good diversity and plenty of culture and counter culture, but I find it is much harder to just walk around and find great subjects for street photography.  Maybe it's because there is so many tourists, but I rarely try and shoot in the obvious tourist areas.  Maybe it's because this is my home town and everything seems more normal to my eye's.  Who knows.  My plan for this year involves getting into the city more this year with camera in tow to try and capture DC's culture.  I figure it is where I live, I should focus n shooting the people who live here more.  Hopefully I will succeed.

"Bikes and Beers!"
Holga, Kodak Porta, Converted to B&W and toned

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