Sunday, April 11, 2010


Many photographers are discovering the iPhone camera as a potential creative tool. It is much maligned as a pretty terrible camera even for a cell phone. Many complain about the file size yada yada yada. A few have realized that the camera combined with the numerous camera and photo apps may actually be a tool to make some amazing images. Yeah you can't print these images very big, a few inches at max. But printing large is often the fall back of photographers trying to make their images have more of an impact than maybe their image really has. I mean everyone is impressed by giant prints, they cost more, and we all know that if it is big and costs more it must be awesome right? Well many people who know little about art do think this way, and if they happen to have lots of money then all the better :)

Anyway I hope the iPhone is showing us a glimpse of where digital cameras may go. Maybe you have seen that Polaroid has created a little Pogo camera that comes with a small printer giving you a digital way to recreate some of the experience of the old Polaroid camera with its instant film. Can you imagine that camera and printer combined with a few apps that allow you to visually recreate the old instant film? Or a digital camera and printer all in one with all of these iPhone style apps that allow you to edit in the field? Don't get me wrong I love film, but I love photography more than any aspect of it. Give me an iPhone camera with a few more megapixels and all of the apps and the ability to print anywhere in the field and I will use it.

I am going to make a regular part of this blog a sampling of the images I have and will create with the iPhone and all of the apps. I will do my best to list the apps used, but I am not going to go into the details of exactly how the images were created. Here is the first image. It was created by a composite of 3 separate images and a combination of the AutoStuch, Cool fx, and PhotoStudio apps.

AutoStuch, Cool fx, PhotoStudio


  1. Definately been getting into the iPhone and its photo apps. I just wish the iPhone would work with my damn Pogo printer!

  2. Agreed Gary! I really think Polaroid needs to jump on this and turn their new pogo style camera/printers into awesome digital versions of the old instant cameras. The possibilities are endless!