Monday, May 10, 2010

The big list!!

The book team finally made the selections for the 7 themed galleries in the book (TOYCAM -Lo-fi Photography). We received just over 650 images from around 100 photographers for consideration for the book. The team spent 5 months selecting images and designing the layout of the galleries. Every member that had a vote was very passionate about the images they wanted in the book and there were many heated discussions. In the end this book can only be said to represent the broad range of photography appreciated by the team as a whole. These images may not be the best of the best, but they do represent the range of likes of the members of the book team and we think and hope that the galleries make sense as a whole and provide a range of interpretation of each theme. While you will have to wait until the book is published to judge the results here is a list of the photographers selected and a link to their websites (if they have one).

Congrats to all selected! And a heartfelt thank you to every single photographer that took part in this project even if you didn't have an image selected. I can't begin to tell you how many beautiful images were left out of the book for no other reason than we just didn't have room.

Adam Lanigan

Aline Smithson
Brian L. Schiele
Cameron Stephen*
Danielle Hughson
Dave Dunne
Devon Cummings
Don Brice
Erin Malone
Ernie Button
Gordon Stettinius
Graham Lowe
Holly Northrop
Jay Panelo
Jeff Evans
Jennifer Henriksen
Jenny Kolcun
Jim Rohan
Jon Wilson*
Katie Clark Slick
Ky Lewis
Laura Burlton*
Leah De La Cruz
Lena K√£llberg
Lori Bell
Marc Ilford Wijngaarde
Megan Green
Michelle Bates*
Otto Kitchens*
Paulo Jorge
Rebecca Tolk
Rebecca Pendel
Rich Burroughs
S. Gayle Stevens
Sandy Wijaya
Sarah Hodzic
Scott Keidong
Shawn Warner
Sophia Koopman
Tootie Nienow
Trevor Wood
Valery Rizzo
Vincent Leyour
Warren Harold
Zeb Andrews*

Please let me know if any of your names are spelled wrong or if any of the links don't work. I will correct them ASAP.

* means that so far I have yet to receive a response from you either providing missing info or verifying the info we have for publication.

Also keep an eye out for the last photographer that took part in our highlight interviews. We have so far announce 5 of the 6. The last name should be released sometime in the next few weeks.


  1. Is there a reason my name is highlighted? and congrats to all on the list!

  2. Yes Ky your name is hyperlinked to your website as is everyone's who provided a website.

  3. wow~ that's a lot you crammed in though :)
    it would be a dream come true to be in a book like this. maybe one day, hehee~
    belated congrats everyone! ^0^